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Best Dessert Wine in WA: 2008 Poets Leap Botrytis - Seattle Magazine

"A wine like this only comes around once every few years. Like a late-harvest Riesling, the grapes are left on the vine until they shrivel, sometimes into late December. Ironically, if those grapes are not only shriveled, but also develop Botrytis cinerea, a special fungus dubbed the "noble rot," winemakers -- in this case, Gilles Nicault of Long Shadows Vintners in Walla Walla and Poet's Leap winemaking partner Armin Diel -- are elated. The resulting wine is a liquid gold. Exploding with aromas of jasmine, honey and dried stone fruit, this special wine also has a refreshing acidity that keeps the wine from being cloying, and, along with its high sugar content, gives this wine the ability to age for decades. We are lucky to have been able to taste it. Judges swooned, and you will, too."