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Best White Wine at Walla Walla Valley Wine Competition

"Old World meets New World when storied German vintner Armin Diel of Schlossgut Diel collaborates each year in Walla Walla with Gilles Nicault, and this is arguably their best effort in decade-long history of their Long Shadows Vintners project. The largest share (43%) comes from the estate Sonnet Vineyard at The Benches in the Horse Heaven Hills, and there’s also support off Phil Church Vineyard (27%) in the Yakima Valley and from the 40-year-old vines at Sagemoor. The nose comes packed with orchard fruit akin to Golden Delicious apple, peach and apricot, backed by clove. That theme also plays on the palate, which enters with ripeness, while ample acidity crisply deals with the residual sugar (1.3%), and a dusting of minerality adds to the complexity. It earned best white wine at the second annual Walla Walla Valley Wine Competition."

Read more here: http://www.tri-cityherald.com/2014/06/18/3024305/long-shadows-great-winemakers.html?sp=/99/915/#sto