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Divine Wine

"Signs are showing a modern revival and resurgence toward Merlot is under way. Late last year Wine and Vines reported Merlot sales above $20 jumped 6 percent. During that same period, winebusiness.com surveyed 1,000 American wine conusmers who named Merlot as their favorite red. In addition, a survey of 4,000 consumers by Wine Intelligence ranked Merlot as their most chosen red wine....

...2013 Long Shadows Pedestal Merlot: This Merlot is a part of the Long Shadows project, where celebrated winemakers are teamed up with prestige vineyards in Washington. Using fruit sourced from Columbia Valley and under the guidance of renowned consultant Michel Rolland, this sophisticated Merlot reveals plum marmalade, pencil shavings and a volumptuous silky finish. Kudos to Rolland for this effort."